What makes the South Sexy?

If you have to ask, you probably haven't spent much time here. For starters, there's the music that just stirs something deep down inside of you: hot blues, cool jazz, country, bluegrass and southern rock.

If that's not enough to knock your socks off, how about the cuisine? (Yes, we can spell that). Fried green tomatoes, BBQ, biscuits & gravy, grits, turnip greens and fried catfish all come to mind. These culinary delights may not do for your waistline what they do for your senses, but we like it that way. In the South, we believe in carbs ... in fact, it's almost a fashion statement with us.

We would be remiss if we left out the climate: Bright, clear days filled with sunshine. The thickness of humidity in hot, steamy air does wonders for the skin. Warm, breezy nights that are perfect for sitting on the front porch sipping a drink with old (and new) friends. We even like the rain. Southern living at it's finest.

We Southerners don't find it the slightest bit embarrassing to be polite and friendly. In fact, we think kindness is Sexy, too. Words such as "please" and "thank you" are sprinkled into our normal speech patterns ... along with the ocassional "y'all."

Oh yeah, there's the scenery ... Southern USA travel that encompasses mountains, rivers, beaches, trees, flowers ... and lots and lots of green.

We have great colleges: Vanderbilt, LSU, Ole Miss and Duke, to name a few. We won't even mention sports. OK, we will: Dallas Cowboys, New Orleans Saints, Atlanta Braves, Miami Heat and NASCAR come to mind.

The South has produced many literary figures such as Tennessee Williams, William Faulkner, Anne Rice, and John Grisham.

George Clooney is a southern gift from Kentucky, Justin Timberlake from Tennessee and Oprah from Mississippi - need we say more?

The South possesses it's own Sexy, down-home vibe that stimulates the senses and makes you feel like you've arrived.